Submissions: All student responses (i.e. answers) are submitted as ‘comments’ with the student’s name/email (to receive full credit).

Moderation Process: All comments will be moderated by Mr. Long before they are published. This includes ensuring that entries are carefully edited and are appropriate to be read by the entire class.

Accepting a Comment / Anonymous ID: If a comment is accepted by Mr. Long, the student name is removed and replaced by an anonymous ID that follows the “Student #1”, “Student #2”, etc. pattern for each individual entry. In other words, the first student to submit for a specific entry automatically becomes “Student #1”, etc., but they will receive a new anonymous ID for future entries depending on when their entry was received/accepted. Thus, no student will have the same anonymous ID each time.

Email Addresses: For purpose of tracking and contacting the student directly, Mr. Long asks each student to submit their email address. The address does not get published once the entry goes live. Only Mr. Long has access to the original submission. Please ask Mr. Long about this if you are confused.

Credit / Honor Code: Mr. Long retains the right to

  • return a submission for further development/editing before it can be given credit (for a grade)
  • seek disciplinary action if a student’s writing (or site-related behavior) is considered a potential honor code violation