Big Picture: The “Pass the Conch” blog is a mandatory assignment for all students in Eng 10 (periods 4 & 7) which will run throughout the entire 08-09 academic year.

Expectations/Advice: The expectation is that students will budget time into their weekly schedule to complete entries on-time. FYI: While some students will wait until the last minute (i.e. Sunday night or Monday morning), the students who typically receive the highest weekly grades submit responses little-by-little throughout each week. Not only do they complete more entries each week, the quality (of their responses) is also more impressive.

Due Dates: Every week’s entries are due by Monday morning by 8:30 am (even on weeks we do not have school on Monday) unless otherwise noted. Full credit will not be possible past this day/time (unless there is an excused absence cleared by Mr. Long). It is always better to submit work late than to lose full credit.

Weekly Entries: Students will be given 5-10 writing challenges a week with clear guidelines (types of responses, length of responses, etc), along with hints. Occasionally Mr. Long will offer a ‘free’ week that may be done for extra credit or skipped entirely. New weekly entries start being published on Monday night each week. While Mr. Long’s intentions are to have them all up at that point, he also retains the right to add new entries throughout the week especially if a key class conversation sparks a new entry.

Computer Access & Submissions: In general, you will have access to school computers during free periods (and before/after school), plus Mr. Long will occasionally make the laptops available during class time. Additionally, you may ask Mr. Long for any/all entries for the week at any point (as well as any additional links, resources, videos, images, etc.) to help you to do your work if you do not have access to the Internet outside of school. Finally, you may submit your responses on paper to receive full credit for one week. This paper option is meant to be a safety net for the unexpected situation. If this is an on-going issue, it will be the student’s responsibility to talk to Mr. Long about ways to submit via the computer.

The “I couldn’t get on-line” Concern: Life and computer issues happen to all of us. That being said, each student must take responsibility for minimizing potential ‘issues’ with access to the web — to access this site — throughout the year. Please talk to Mr. Long to handle any unique situations that arise, otherwise he will assume you are choosing not to do this project.