Set-Up: Last week, we took a brief look at a series of mini-essays about Chapters 5 & 6 (that were written by periods 1, 2 & 3 as a group in-class essay project). Each of you picked one you thought would be interesting based on the title alone and gave us a few things to look at that you thought was successful.

Challenge: Take a look at the full list one more time.

  • Pick a new essay title to look at and read the entire essay.
  • Tell us which essay you picked.
  • Identify 5 very specific things in that essay that you thought were done well.

Length: Varies

The list:

Small group mini-essay paragraph writing challenge (in lieu of the typical in-class essay):

Links to the specific student responses


8 responses to “W8, #5: FESTIVAL OF MINI-ESSAYS

  1. Unknown Danger

    -quote, “Pig…We eat pig”
    -the title makes me want to find out what the danger is
    -they easily identify that the characters realize that they could be the beast
    -they say that the beast is only in their heads
    -everything emphasizes the main idea that the only dangerous thing on the island is them


    Mr. Long: Much thanks! Definitely seems to echo what we began to talk about in class this week. And I agree w/ you re: the “danger”.

  2. ” The Menace Within” caught my attention because through chapter 6 the “Menace” could be directed at more than one character. The writer of this essay did a good job of making a “catchy” title.

    This had me curious about which character they gave this title to. They seemed to have given the label to Jack because of one of the quotations. This is another thing they did really well was quotes. They made it where the sentence ran smoothly and didn’t confuse me. I liked how they say that Jack is becoming a brutal creature because I can understand what they meant by “brutal”. This also makes a good connection with one of the later quotes in the essay. Most important thing that i think the writer did was they kept my attention throughout the essay.


    Mr. Long: Excellent reflection re: the title, the quote usage, and keeping you engaged as a writer. Thanks for letting us pay attention to this essay!

  3. I picked “descent into darkness”.

    When I read it the first thing that stands out is how well they related the title to the essay. The title is very interesting and made me want to read the the essay. When I started reading it wasn’t disappointing and the essay was also very interesting. When they They did an amazing job of giving examples from the book. It seemed like it flowed very well and was very easy to follow. It was just overall a very interesting read.

  4. “The De-evolution from Civilization to Savagery”

    -The way the quotes just fit in
    -The flow of the whole essay
    -The line about Jack wanting to kill a fake creature
    -The Closing line “The primal awakening of violence and the increasing presence of fear catalyzes the boys evolution towards more savage actions.” is a good strong closing
    -The way the paper focuses on how Jack takes his power from the fear and the degradation of civilization

  5. In the “The Call to the Wild” essay the way they describe that Jack’s metamorphosis is invertible. Another thing they did well was the clearly stated that the adult world was that of authority not protection. I enjoyed that way that they describe the boys casting the conch into the shadows like the boys. The way they say that the mask gives the boy blood-lust. And they say a problem that will be prevalent future in the story, that the boys can do what ever they want.

  6. I chose Descent into Darkness.
    1.)I chose this one first of all because it had an intriguing title. The title hints at the plot of the chapter, but also it has a certain uniqueness.
    2.)The word choice throughout the whole essay is absolutely genius in my opinion. Especially the first sentence. “as they fall prey to their innate fear and savagery.”
    3.)The quotes in this essay flow very well. They are blended in to where they don’t even act as quotes, just as ways to back up their ideas.
    4.)It is not plot summery at all, however it does discretely hint at scenes that happened in the story very well.
    5.) The writer(s) backs his/her argument up really well.

  7. “The Best Within”
    -These people do a very good job on using the quote as part of their sentences.

    -“We don’t need the conch anymore. We know who ought to say things” this fit perfectly in the essay, it shows that the main powers of the group have the saying.

    -Good topic sentence, sets the tone for the rest of what they wrote.

    -I like how they relate all the sentences and not drastically change subjects or opinions.

    -The 2nd to last sentence was well written, it had meaning behing it. It shows that the strong will survive.

  8. “Animals Can’t Make Fire”

    -This was a clever title that can really engage a reader
    -The essay instantly ties the loss of the conch to the loss of civilization and does a good job of illustrating the metaphors involved
    -The writers used quotes from the book very well. They were simple but crucial in supporting the point
    -This essay really gets to the point quickly and works at proving it throughout
    -The flow of the essay makes it very easy to read and understand

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